Keeping your workplace Incident Free

Safety Devices for Remote and Isolated workers

There is a high demand of safety of lone workers, because they face a higher risk than common workers. Lone workers do not have any work partner in doing their jobs and are forbidden to be visited. They are not 'visible’, so it is hard to monitor their conditions during their working hours. They are workers who work at heights, hazardous materials that relate to electricity, elevators, firearms, chainsaws, or in some places, which are prone of violence. In general, lone workers have such a high risk in suffering from accidents, or being attacked on riots. This is why, lone workers need a special security system that can protect them in doing their jobs. It should become the major concern of all employers to get the best and the finest quality of lone worker monitoring device. The question is, how can company owners determine the best Personal Safety Devices with total protection?

Providing a security system for lone workers are regulated by the law, including in several countries in Australia. Any company which ignores this regulation should pay AU$50, 000 penalty to the local government. Employers should take this into a serious consideration, or else, they will break the Work Health and Safety Bill regulations. They are considered in providing improper staff provision that may lead to hazardous risks and lower productivity. Fortunately, every employer throughout Australia is aware of this obligation, though not all employers know where to find high quality and verified security system.

Why Safetcard Remains As The Main Option?

Among several options of companies that specialize in security system devices, SafeTCard is the most trustworthy names. It has catered the demands of thousands of Australian company owners, who need the highest security level for their offices, factories and also employees. Isolated worker is a verified security system with the fastest response from the local police, and it is not classified as a fake alarm. It is necessary to know that there are so many companies that provide security system installation, that do not meet the regulation standard of either local or state government. Most of the time, its alarm system may only work internally, in which the local police or other authorised security organisations may claim that their alarms are false.

Lone and remote worker systems

Especially for lone workers, Safety Card performs its best features that emphasise on simple, yet very reliable, operation. It provides the best protection for lone workers so they can manage their duties very well, for the sake of the company’s productivity and their own safety. Lone workers are urged to work properly on remote and isolated places, though they should not take their security aspect for granted. Mobile worker monitoring can provide the best features that almost all companies or organisations need to meet the best safety and security standard.

Our devices for lone workers consist of various features such as

Mobile Work Force Management
24HR Emergency Duress Alert
24HR Emergency Duress alarm
Fleet Management Geo Fencing
GPS TrackingMan Down
Location Voice
Visual Verification

How At risk worker monitoring Works?

By using the lone worker monitoring device, workers can make a direct emergency contact, with the local police or other security authorisation, via the 24x 7 call monitoring centre. It has a high capability in running a discreet operation, so the lone worker remains safe when they seek help.

The price is definitely reasonable, though it has a much higher value than the safety protection that employers get in protecting their employees and assets. Besides, a good security system for protecting the assets and employees can increase the company’s productivity that leads to a better and higher profit. Not to mention the importance of having a peace of mind that both employees and employers need.

Where to buy?

Buying SafeTCard for lone workers is as easy as getting it through its official website. By using this lone worker monitoring device, the lone worker manager can help define his or her responsibility to their employees. Not only the manager ensures the safety of the lone workers, but also becomes very responsible to his or her obligation.

Our products have been awarded with ISO900, so there is no doubt to use its service. As the leading industry of security and communication system, Safety Card pays attention seriously to its excellent reputation. It will never fail to meet the safety and security standard that all company owners need to have a total security protection.